About Us


Avant Guard is quite social, fun loving, free, and pretty unrestricted. We do also require a certain amount of participation and energy to be committed to the Raids, such as being on time and available for them.

Even though Avant Guard is laid back and quite social, we still do have your general courtesy rules of course.

Avant Guard is run by its Officers, this way providing as much support as we can to the needs of the members in the Guild. We hope that it is a system that it is found to be fair to all who join us here, as the main aim is to encourage as much participation as possible from all our Guild Members who want to have input in the Guild.

Guild Ethics

The Avant Guard Guild is a collection of like minded players whose desire is to have a social and friendly environment in which to game. It is not the intention to create a 'hard core' end-game Guild (so things like DKP and core raiders are not used). However, it is the intention to do as many of the Instances and Raids in time.

We currently have ‘official’ Guild Raid days. additional Raids and Instances are organised by players throughout the week and we encourage all members to participate in these and the other fun things that Avant Guard organises.

When players join Raids we ask that they show up on time to secure their place and listen to the Raid Leader. If players fail to turn up for raids, they will be replaced by another player unless they have pre-arranged this with their Class Leader or offer an reasonable excuse for their absence. We encourage fun but expect players to 'concentrate' when necessary.

Most importantly, we try to help each other as much as possible and strive to create a pleasant playing environment.

Loot rules:

We DON'T use the DKP system. Instead if the gear is good for your class and spec, we will announce to roll on the specific item. use /roll and highest wins.

Basic Guild Rules:

1. Respect guildies and non guildies.
No abusing accusing and/or threatening members, or any other players on the server. This gives the Guild, and yourself, a very bad name.
If someone has been involved in an incident all members involved are requested to speak to Officers/GM. In this case all will be investigated and the appropriate actions can be taken. News travels fast… especially BAD news.

2. Basic rules in Instances and on General Chat such as within IronForge.
Avoid yelling or swearing in a disturbing matter - report incorrect behaviour through a GM ticket to the in-game GM's.
Do NOT attend an Instance if you are not sure you can finish the run. This causes delays and group loses.
NEVER loot when not everyone is resurrected. This can be considered as ninja looting if not done properly.

3. No begging or asking for gold/silver/copper.
There is nothing more annoying in the game it seems than people asking for money. There are always items available from Guild Bank if you are in need of equipment, ask there 1st!!!

4. No heavy trade in the guild/ to guildies.
Avoid selling items to fellow guildies, giving is much nicer (Unless it is epic item of course.)
BUT do NOT rip a guildie off.

5. Treat the game and guild members and any other players exactly how you also like to be treated. (What you give is what you get.)

6. Make your characters clear within the Guild.
Every member is requested to show in their Guild personal note info who their main character is. This can be especially useful on alts.

7. Once you are level 70 get ready to run some high level instances.
Make sure you have the proper gear and weapon(s). Also have Ventrilo and CT-Raid installed and configured as these are essential tools for Raids and Instances.
All events are listed in the forums.

8. Finish what you have started.
When organising an Event / Run / Raid that you have decided to start, please be sure to also finish it. Remember that Avant Guard uses the Forums for the organisation of all group based events.

9. Discrimination and causing Offence.
Discussions that may discriminate or cause offence on the grounds of his or her sex, disability, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion or belief will not be tolerated. Anything that you say that may cause offence may lead to you being removed from the Guild and possibly face a permanent ban not only from the Guild but also the Game. Please be careful what you write!
Further information can be found on the World of Warcraft site here relating to WoW's Harassment Policy.

Further information such as downloads and quests, can be found throughout the Forum, keep in touch and check in from time to time, so you don’t miss out…

We are a Guild with a difference, one that believes that having fun and taking on the challenges in the game is priority number one.


Here are a few guidelines of what we expect and what you can expect as a Avant Guard member:

What you as a member of Avant Guard can expect from the Guild

• Support from your Class Leader and other members of the Guild

• Items from the Guild Bank that helps improve your character

• Fun and cheerful company in general questing as well as Raids

• Pre-set raid nights so you know when to show up for helping to conquer the harder instances

What we as a Guild expects from you as a member

• Fun and cheerful company in general questing as well as Raids

• Be a good ambassador for the Guild by behaving appropriately in the game – this is especially important when playing with non-Guild members

• Keep updated about what’s going on in the Guild by visiting the Avant Guard homepage regularly (bookmark www.avantguard.wikidot.com)

• Help out where you can and you will find that others will be willing to help YOU out, this will make Raids become much more fun for you and the others

• Respect others by showing up to events you have signed up for, or notify our party members/Class Leader in good time that you are not going to make it

• Remember that WoW is a game and that the main reason for playing it is to have a good time and get some relaxation. Don’t take failures in quests or instances too hard. It takes time to learn how to beat those baddies sometimes. The most important thing is to have fun and be in good company of others – which with some patience will help you develop better and better game strategies.

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