Welcome to the wiki website of Avant Guard on Arathor, US

The Avant Guard website is a wonderful source of all types of information about the Guild, the game and our members. So please take the time to browse around and read some of the excellent information and tips that we all share.

We encourage all members to join the website here and post in the Forum discussions.

Most of all I would like to welcome you to Avant Guard and hope that you will not only enjoy our Guild, but also participate on this website and within the Guild Chat in-game. You also will find a lot of wonderful people here and on-line to share in some of the knowledge and fun that is Avant.

Please note this will be under going heavy modification over the next day or 2 while i get all the pages up and going please bear with me and most of all

Enjoy your stay!

Up to date News!

Friday, December 28, 2007 11:25am CST

28 Dec 2007 17:32

Site is up. Got the whole basic layout of the site done. Needs some graphic touches banner and what not. Everyone should check the raid forums. Sign up for the one that suits you. Umm I'd like some one from each class that has decent raid experience to post what the min reqs for downing hunts\midnight is for your class. and the pre-kara gear for your class if you could link it to wowhead that would be awesome. this is to help others get prepared. I'd Also like every single person in the general section of the forums, In the meet and greet area. To start a thread with your name if your level 70 and use the template located here this is so that when we designate class leaders (hopefully soon) we can easly get everyone up and going.

That is all.

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